Wednesday, April 28, 2010

COULD THIS BE THE ULTIMATE CARGO TALLBIKE DESIGN ???!!!!! or a 4-wheeled clothesline ??!!

Ya know...the more I looked at this picture,the more ideas started to form in my already tortured gray matter. How about a cargo platform mounted low and in between the 2 talls ? You could also put a small bench seat there too !!!! WOW,cargo AND/OR passengers !!!!!! Also the usual ills of tandem riding would be virtualy eliminated. It's a 4 wheeler,so NO BALANCING !!! The 2 separate drivetrains won't ever have to synchronize !!!! 4 wheels can handle more weight than 2 or 3. 4 brakes are better than 2 or 3 !!! 1 person could still ride it like a regular tandem....but on the side of their choice !! Look closely at the picture,there is a tie rod between the 2 steering couplers ( probably adjustable too ),so the front wheels stay in sync when turning,hope they used the Ackerman steering principle, if not things might get a little squirrely !!!! A builder might also be able to fashion a system where all 4 brakes could be actuated by either rider. I think it would be fun to build a couple of my bolt together steering wheel talls and siamese twin 'em together like this. Then my wifey ( she won't even consider riding a tallbike....sadness ) could go tallbikin' wiff mEEEE !!! Yessssssssss !!!!!! AND as with all tallbikes there is just so much space and AREA available for extra baskets,hooks,ladders,artwork,etc. One of my crazier ideas was to put a swing in between the two talls !!! Maybe use the motion to propel the contraption !!!! Yeah... I guess that's nuts,but it IS fun to think about !!!!!

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