Friday, April 16, 2010

DEKOCHARI !!!!!!!! Super cheezey AND Japanezy !!!!

Ever wonder if they Freakbike in Japan ? Here's yur answer !!!!!!!! Yes they DOOOOO !!! They don't need no stinkin' tallbikes,choppers,or lowriders-NO !!!!! They got their own thing goin' !! This is one of about a buzzillion things I love about Japan and Japanese people,TREMENDOUS imagination,STYLE, and creative energy !!!!! Wanna know more about dekochari ? GOOGLE IT !!! Check the description on Wikipedia,There's more to it than bikes. Anyone in Portland building these ??? Doesn't Portland have an official SISTER city in Japan ??? (Sapporo )Are we just too cool to express ourselves in such an outrageous way ?? Hope NOT !!!!!

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