Friday, April 23, 2010

SURF WOODY UPDATE #763 !!!! a little bit o' wood

Kinda' STOOPID callin' dis ting a surf WOODY if they ain't no WOOD on it !!! So I went ahead and put on a few bits here and there. Krazy package rack huh ??? It looks a little like cartoon insect wings. I found the old canteloupe crate behind the Citybikes Annex while talking to Tim Calvert.Tim is a good guy and a long time fan of my work,nice to have someone like him in my corner !!! I cut the crate down a bit and mounted it on the remains of an old bent up wire bike basket. Even mounted a drink carrier on there. Nope you won't see a PBR can in there,I quit drinking alky-haul and smokin' the loco weed a long time ago. Damn stuff never did me one bit of good but for some reason it took a long time to wise up to that fact. Bikin' and voluntary physical/mental impairment don't mix too well anyway. Kind of hard to tell in this town though,seems like almost EVERYTHING is connected with alcohol/drugs. I wish tall/freakbiking could have more of a family fun label attached to it instead of the drunken troublemaker face it shows. Oh well, I guess I'm part of the minority once again. Back to the WOOD !!! I replaced the screen in the grille with some little wood slats,I think it looks better with MR. TIKI. The temporary cargo floor looks like crap but it'll do until I can scrounge up the materials I really want to stick on there. Hey PORTLAND, where can a tallbiker get a luv-a-lee pair of coconuts in this town ( inner s.e. maybe ) !!!???? Gonna make headlights out of 'em !!!!

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