Sunday, August 30, 2009

Steering wheel bolt together tallbikes

Yes that's right these beauties are all bolt together!! I build them out of bikes that I find abandoned in my neighborhood,and from bikes people give me. I also get bikes from the Goodwill as is store when I need something specific. These bikes all have a 24" or 26" rear wheel w/coaster brake,a 16" front wheel, and a 20" rim and tire for a steering wheel!! They ride fantastic! Not the least bit tippy or squirrely. The first one I built over three years ago. I rode it a lot with no structural problems at all. My build method is solid and it really really works!! These bikes are fun to ride. I love them!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My latest steering wheel tallbike!!!--a 4-wheeler!!

Check this out fellow freakbikers, a Pimento Satin Red steering wheel,banana seat tallbike w/cargo platform!! Yep it's got 4 wheels to serve you but only 2 touch the ground! I used 2 24" wheel girls MTB frames,the top bar of the upper frame is removed to make it easier to get on and off the bike. This baby is a kick to ride and great for trips to the grocery or thrift store. Just throw your goodies on the platform and wheel merrily on home! This one is FOR SALE for $180,if you're interested,E-mail me ( Robert Stapleton ) at or call 503-232-1131.No shippin' though, ya hafta come to BEAUTIFUL PORTLAND, OREGON to get it. Come on!!! You needed a vacation anyway RIGHT??!! Why not THE BIKIN' CAPITOL OF THE WORLD-P-TOWN???!!!! Come see how it's done AND take a great bike home with you for your friends and family to enjoy AND maybe use it as a protoyype/model to build your own version(s)??!!!! YEAH!!!!!!! Sounds like a great plan to me!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Sneetchcycle!!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen this is it,the amaaaaazing Sneetchcycle!!!!!!!! Kimpo the Klowns favorite 2-wheeler!! This little (?) sneetcher is made from a 12" kiddie bike. It has 170 mm cranks,a 52-tooth chainwheel,a Shimano 3-speed rear hub wth a 14-tooth sprocket,and front and rear hand brakes! It also has a little plastic "squeak " horn and a goofy little thingy that plays a circussy little tune when you push it's button. Can you say Clown Cycle boys and girls?? I think you can!!!!!!!! oh yessss!!!! The rear wheel has 36 multiple length spokes installed in a random fashion. I'm sure the sight of that would make those wheel builder types cringe,but it works!! I'm 215 lbs. and it's taken everything I could dish out for years!! Hacker Tech Rules!!!!!!! Don't be afraid to do something different because it just might work!!!!!!!!!! This little booger rides kind of weird, but you get the hang of it after a while. It trys to "torque steer " because of the super short wheelbase and the long crank arms. You can actually get going pretty fast and not just downhill either!! You can turn super tight circles like a Swingcycle. The X-tra long handlebar stem is made from an MTB stem, the bottom downtube of a Huffy girls banana seat 20" bike and a reversed road bike stem. Kind of looks like the outline of the front of a Sneetch doesn" it?

The lovely Blue Belle.....Big girls are more fun!!!!

Blue Belle is my favorite bike of all times!!!!!! She is a tall beeeeeeeuteeful girl with 18 gears ,big wide handle bars and a big cushy spring seat, I couldn't ask for more!!! The front of the frame is 2 old girls balloon tire cruiser frames welded together ( top-right side up,bottom upside down), the rest is a special construction technique found only in the mind of Omah Garsh. She has a basket,stepbar,kickstand,trailer mount,front and rear brakes,and full fenders w/ mudflaps,very refined and civilized,yes indeedy!!!!! Tallbike jousting you say,how uncouth!!!!!!!!!

The Schwuffman X-18!!!!!!!

This rolling wonder is the Schwuffman X-18, the latest in tallbike, cargobike,artbike ,freakbike,hacker technology!!! It was made out of a buzzilion cast off bikes. The main pieces were Schwinn and Huffy ( Huffman mfg. ),combine the 2 and you get Schwuffman. It has a semi-X frame and 18-speeds (most slow!!), so.....X-18!!!!! The cargo basket is made out of 4 pairs of 3-speed roadster bars ,2 pairs of short rise mtb bars,and 2 pairs of straight mtb bars,pieces of forks and a whole bunch of other stuff from the scrap pile. It's heavy but is geared low to compensate.It was a joy to build and to ride,I sold it to a great guy named Sam, he's taking real good care of it for me!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stretch cruisers omah garsh style!

These are some of my stretch cruisers I built a few years ago. The black one ( Blackjack ) is a 6-speed made out of an old Hawthorne balloon tire bike. The fat tired olive drab bike ( Greenbean ) is also made from a 1950's cruiser, It has a Marshall Wells head badge,they were a hardware chainstore back in the olden days,the Marshall-Wells Lofts building in the Pearl District used to be their warehouse. Both bikes use only the front triangle of the original frame,the rest is pieces of various mountain bikes as is the running gear.The fenders are 50's vintage that I had saved over the years. The skinny tired green and silver stretch ( The HD Schwinn ) is shown in two different incarnations. The first is as a 12-speed with matching fenders,27" wheels and then as a fenderless 2-speed (Bendix kickback) with wider tires on 26" wheels. It's made out of a pile of old schwinn 10-speed frames ( mens + womens ). The handle bars for all of the bikes were made from 3-speed roadster bars. I cut a pair of straight mtb bars in half and welded the pieces onto the tips of the roadster bars.

Tallbike bolt togethers with handlebars

These are more of my bolt together tallbikes, they are equipped with handlebars instead of steering wheels. The goosenecks (handlebar stems) have been extended on some for leg clearance,this allows you to make nice tight circles while waiting for traffic lights to change!!!!