Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stretch cruisers omah garsh style!

These are some of my stretch cruisers I built a few years ago. The black one ( Blackjack ) is a 6-speed made out of an old Hawthorne balloon tire bike. The fat tired olive drab bike ( Greenbean ) is also made from a 1950's cruiser, It has a Marshall Wells head badge,they were a hardware chainstore back in the olden days,the Marshall-Wells Lofts building in the Pearl District used to be their warehouse. Both bikes use only the front triangle of the original frame,the rest is pieces of various mountain bikes as is the running gear.The fenders are 50's vintage that I had saved over the years. The skinny tired green and silver stretch ( The HD Schwinn ) is shown in two different incarnations. The first is as a 12-speed with matching fenders,27" wheels and then as a fenderless 2-speed (Bendix kickback) with wider tires on 26" wheels. It's made out of a pile of old schwinn 10-speed frames ( mens + womens ). The handle bars for all of the bikes were made from 3-speed roadster bars. I cut a pair of straight mtb bars in half and welded the pieces onto the tips of the roadster bars.

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