Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My latest steering wheel tallbike!!!--a 4-wheeler!!

Check this out fellow freakbikers, a Pimento Satin Red steering wheel,banana seat tallbike w/cargo platform!! Yep it's got 4 wheels to serve you but only 2 touch the ground! I used 2 24" wheel girls MTB frames,the top bar of the upper frame is removed to make it easier to get on and off the bike. This baby is a kick to ride and great for trips to the grocery or thrift store. Just throw your goodies on the platform and wheel merrily on home! This one is FOR SALE for $180,if you're interested,E-mail me ( Robert Stapleton ) at omahgarsh@gmail.com or call 503-232-1131.No shippin' though, ya hafta come to BEAUTIFUL PORTLAND, OREGON to get it. Come on!!! You needed a vacation anyway RIGHT??!! Why not THE BIKIN' CAPITOL OF THE WORLD-P-TOWN???!!!! Come see how it's done AND take a great bike home with you for your friends and family to enjoy AND maybe use it as a protoyype/model to build your own version(s)??!!!! YEAH!!!!!!! Sounds like a great plan to me!!!!!!!!!

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