Wednesday, April 28, 2010

COULD THIS BE THE ULTIMATE CARGO TALLBIKE DESIGN ???!!!!! or a 4-wheeled clothesline ??!!

Ya know...the more I looked at this picture,the more ideas started to form in my already tortured gray matter. How about a cargo platform mounted low and in between the 2 talls ? You could also put a small bench seat there too !!!! WOW,cargo AND/OR passengers !!!!!! Also the usual ills of tandem riding would be virtualy eliminated. It's a 4 wheeler,so NO BALANCING !!! The 2 separate drivetrains won't ever have to synchronize !!!! 4 wheels can handle more weight than 2 or 3. 4 brakes are better than 2 or 3 !!! 1 person could still ride it like a regular tandem....but on the side of their choice !! Look closely at the picture,there is a tie rod between the 2 steering couplers ( probably adjustable too ),so the front wheels stay in sync when turning,hope they used the Ackerman steering principle, if not things might get a little squirrely !!!! A builder might also be able to fashion a system where all 4 brakes could be actuated by either rider. I think it would be fun to build a couple of my bolt together steering wheel talls and siamese twin 'em together like this. Then my wifey ( she won't even consider riding a tallbike....sadness ) could go tallbikin' wiff mEEEE !!! Yessssssssss !!!!!! AND as with all tallbikes there is just so much space and AREA available for extra baskets,hooks,ladders,artwork,etc. One of my crazier ideas was to put a swing in between the two talls !!! Maybe use the motion to propel the contraption !!!! Yeah... I guess that's nuts,but it IS fun to think about !!!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TALLBIKIN' '63 !!!!! tallbikes,the STINGRAY,and Surf/Hotrod music !!!!!!

OH YEAH !!! don't forget Ed Roth monster shirts,the drag races,and sidewalk surfin' !!! What a great time period '63 to '66,for some of us..... it will never end.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

CARGO TALLBIKES I'VE MADE !!! makin' use of all that SPACE !!

These are just the ones I have pitchurz of,there were more !!! Anybody else out there buildin' these ? Surely with all the freakbike builders and freakbike clubs here in Portland there's gotta be some cargo talls. Send me some pics !!!! I wanna see what ya got !!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

SURF WOODY UPDATE #763 !!!! a little bit o' wood

Kinda' STOOPID callin' dis ting a surf WOODY if they ain't no WOOD on it !!! So I went ahead and put on a few bits here and there. Krazy package rack huh ??? It looks a little like cartoon insect wings. I found the old canteloupe crate behind the Citybikes Annex while talking to Tim Calvert.Tim is a good guy and a long time fan of my work,nice to have someone like him in my corner !!! I cut the crate down a bit and mounted it on the remains of an old bent up wire bike basket. Even mounted a drink carrier on there. Nope you won't see a PBR can in there,I quit drinking alky-haul and smokin' the loco weed a long time ago. Damn stuff never did me one bit of good but for some reason it took a long time to wise up to that fact. Bikin' and voluntary physical/mental impairment don't mix too well anyway. Kind of hard to tell in this town though,seems like almost EVERYTHING is connected with alcohol/drugs. I wish tall/freakbiking could have more of a family fun label attached to it instead of the drunken troublemaker face it shows. Oh well, I guess I'm part of the minority once again. Back to the WOOD !!! I replaced the screen in the grille with some little wood slats,I think it looks better with MR. TIKI. The temporary cargo floor looks like crap but it'll do until I can scrounge up the materials I really want to stick on there. Hey PORTLAND, where can a tallbiker get a luv-a-lee pair of coconuts in this town ( inner s.e. maybe ) !!!???? Gonna make headlights out of 'em !!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

DEKOCHARI !!!!!!!! Super cheezey AND Japanezy !!!!

Ever wonder if they Freakbike in Japan ? Here's yur answer !!!!!!!! Yes they DOOOOO !!! They don't need no stinkin' tallbikes,choppers,or lowriders-NO !!!!! They got their own thing goin' !! This is one of about a buzzillion things I love about Japan and Japanese people,TREMENDOUS imagination,STYLE, and creative energy !!!!! Wanna know more about dekochari ? GOOGLE IT !!! Check the description on Wikipedia,There's more to it than bikes. Anyone in Portland building these ??? Doesn't Portland have an official SISTER city in Japan ??? (Sapporo )Are we just too cool to express ourselves in such an outrageous way ?? Hope NOT !!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

SURF WOODY UPDATE !!!!!!!! The cargo platform is on there for good !!!!

The platform is finally on there,YEEEEEEEHAAAAAAW !!!!!!!! All it took was one U-bolt,a pair of 3-speed roadster handlebars, two handlebar stems,and a coupla' hunks of tubing. I went out and test rode it to make sure it clears obstacles like curb cutouts,angled driveways,etc.,it seems to be just about right,NO scraping !!! Still have a long way to go,lots of fun detail work. Told ya this one was gonna take a while !! Stay tuned though,the best is yet to come !!!