Sunday, April 25, 2010

CARGO TALLBIKES I'VE MADE !!! makin' use of all that SPACE !!

These are just the ones I have pitchurz of,there were more !!! Anybody else out there buildin' these ? Surely with all the freakbike builders and freakbike clubs here in Portland there's gotta be some cargo talls. Send me some pics !!!! I wanna see what ya got !!!!


  1. I had a tall basket bike 26" rear wheel,20" front with a huge six grocerybag basket attached to the frame..It was stolen and later scraped at a recycler nearby that didn't record the name of the person that brought it in.It also had a pilots seat deployable kickstand with rollerblade wheels so you didn't have to get off at red lights or look for aplace to lean it.Sorry no pics that I can find.Pre digital camera.

  2. omahgarsh26/4/10 17:06

    WOW that sounds like a good one !!! Wish I could have seen it. BUILD ANOTHER ONE !!!!!!!