Thursday, January 28, 2010

FREIGHT TRAIN,FREIGHT TRAIN-Who's luvvin' you now ????

This is the Freight Train. A bolt together tallbike I built specifically for scavenging runs around my neighborhood ( Buckman ). The bottom frame is one of those oddball stepthrough thingies with 3 sets of stays. This allowed me to mount 2 rear brakes.The rear wheel was an aluminum 26" with a Sturmey 3-speed hub and a derailer used for a chain tensioner. It had a cheapo triple chainring MTB setup up top and a front derailer. I flattened the end of a seat post and bolted that to the top fork of the backbone and used metal screws to attach the other end . This was to attach the front derailer at the right angle to function properly. VOILA !!! 9-speed tallbike !!!!! The front fork is from a road bike and carries a cast aluminum scooter wheel. The front "horns" were good for carrying wheels or frames. I once rode it to the Goodwill bins ( Springwater Trail ) bought 3 full size mountain bikes,disassmbled them,hung the parts on the Train and rode it home !!!!! I know what it's like to ride 5 bikes at once !!!! This bike is the one the "Monkey Tail" was made for ( ended up on the "Eyecatcha".This thing was one tough hombre,I also once took $40 worth of beer bottles to return to the store for deposit money,WITHOUT A TRAILER !!!!!!!! Anyway that was a kind of difficult time in my life,and the old train just reminded me of some sad stuff. So one morning I made the sign you see in the pics and rode the train down to Citybikes hoping it would find a new owner to enjoy it. I hope it didn't get scrapped,it was a pretty good workhorse.

Friday, January 22, 2010


The BIGGY RAT 5-speed chopper is finished and FOR SALE for $100 !!!! I was checking out the website and I really liked the look of a lot of their work,especially the choppers made from old stepthrough type frames. There is a tremendous amount of bikes on their site,check it out ,a lot of great ideas there. I decided to do my own scul type chopper,it has a frame from an old french 10-speed. A 36 spoke 16" front wheel.A 26" aluminum rear wheel w/5-gear freewheel.A nice Shimano derailer that is operated by a stick-shift mounted between the handlebars (friction type).A nifty spring loaded "anti-flop" device (keeps the handlebars/fork from flopping over when parked,etc.). Dual brakes on the rear that work well even when it's rainin'!!!!An extended kickstand,medium hi-rise bars,a banana seat,and sissy bar.This chop rides great,steers well and is quite comfy too !!!! If you're interested E-mail me at or call 503-232-1131 to set up a time and day to come try it out.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The Pink Dragon is finally very very PINK !!!!! This articulated Trykipede has a 20" front wheel,a 16" coaster brake mag center wheel,and an 18" coaster brake rear wheel. It has 6 1/2" cranks on the front frame and 5 1/2 " cranks on the rear. Those are 2 2o" bmx frames,the ones I saved from the "Banandem". That triangle jobby on the rear is for connecting a trailer (with a Burley type hitch).Again it takes a little time to get used to riding it but once you do you'll LOVE it !!!! It's a lot of fun to play around with,would be great for a parent/kid togetherness type thing. If you're interested and have $100 cash money,E-mail me at or call 503-232-1131 to set up a time and day to come check it out.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Great prices on some fantastic,unique bikes and trikes !!!!! These are well built,well engineered,arty,great riding FUN creations !!! The Tallbikes have 16" front and 24" rear wheels with coaster brakes. They are much easier to ride than most of their type AND prettier too !!! The Lime Truck "Trykipede" has a 20" front and 16" center and rear wheels,it's coaster brake equipped too. They're NOT built for speed !! Slow and easy cruisin' is what they're all about. The Lime Truck is $100,The Olive tallbike is $120,The red tallbike is $140. Prices will go up in spring and summer so come and get 'um NOW !!! E-mail me at or call 503-232-1131 to set up a time and day to come and see them . You won't find anything else like them anywhere else. My stuff is great,but find out for youself !!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This post I'll be showing you how I built the "grille shell" and bumper overriders for the cargo hoop. This is an area where you might want to come up with your own design and maybe use different materials that you already have or have access to. I'm trying to mimic the look of model T and model A Ford grilles and bumper overriders on cars such as older VW bugs,Volvos,etc. STEP ONE- I first took a pair of small hi-rise bars from a 16" banana seat bike and cut the tops off. Then added about 4" straight extensions made from frame tubing. I flattened the ends with a mini-sledge. STEP TWO- I then centered the grille on the front of the cargo hoop and using a 1/4" drillbit drilled 2 holes on each side and bolted it down. STEP THREE-For the side pieces I used a pair of 3-speed roadster bars,cut in half. I flattened both ends of each half,lined them up evenly and bolted them to the grille and the joints in the cargo hoop where the rim bolts to the side rails. STEP FOUR- For the rear I used another set of cut in half roadster bars and a length of electrical conduit bent to the same arc as the rim half on the back of the cargo hoop. I also used 2-2" long pieces of handlebar tubing to reinforce the spot where the uprights will bolt on to the rear overrider. These slide over the conduit center piece and the bar halves slide over each end as shown. STEP FIVE- I then flattened the bottoms of the bar halves,drilled 2 1/4" holes in each piece and bolted the ends to the joints where the rim joins the side rails as in the front. STEP SIX- I then cut the curved tubing from 2 fork legs, flattened and drilled each end with a 1/4" drillbit,and bolted them on the rim and the reinforced area of the conduit as shown. ALL DONE !!!!! They turned out just like I Imagined AND they're quite strong too !!! In PART I , I'll show how to make the side braces that tie into the frame.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

THE LIME TRUCK !!!! In-Line Articulated Cargo Trike !!!!!!

It's a cargo haulin' TRYKIPEDE,that's what it is !!!!!!!!

WOW !!! What a difference a little paint can make !!! Since the last post I added a trailer hitch. That's that triangle thingy on the back,it's made out of pieces of a rear frame triangle and a large flange road bike hub. It works great,already made a few grocery runs with it !! I also replaced that doofey bungey cord with that nice little rubber strap you see in the middle there.It works great too,and looks a lot better. I added a chainguard just before painting,adds a little more style and personality and it's a functional piece too.This thing has about the same riding position as my stretch cruiser Greenbean,it just FEELS cool to ride on it .I think this trike is AWESOME !!!!! It's FOR SALE !!!!! How about it Portlanders,gimme a HUNDRED BUCKS and take this sweet trikey home witcha' !!!!!! Remember it ain't a kiddy bike NO MORE !!!!! I'm 5'9"-210 lbs. and it fits me perfect. Interested ??? E-mail me at or call 503-232-1131 to set up a time to check it out. Prices go back up in the spring and summer so come an' git it NOWSVILLE !!!!! I'm putting the finishing touches on the tandem trykipede,you'll get to see it later on this month. By the way,Godzilla is a good buddy of mine,and if anybody tries to steal the name TRYKIPEDE I'll send him to your house and he will eat you like a breakfast burrito !!!!!!!