Thursday, January 28, 2010

FREIGHT TRAIN,FREIGHT TRAIN-Who's luvvin' you now ????

This is the Freight Train. A bolt together tallbike I built specifically for scavenging runs around my neighborhood ( Buckman ). The bottom frame is one of those oddball stepthrough thingies with 3 sets of stays. This allowed me to mount 2 rear brakes.The rear wheel was an aluminum 26" with a Sturmey 3-speed hub and a derailer used for a chain tensioner. It had a cheapo triple chainring MTB setup up top and a front derailer. I flattened the end of a seat post and bolted that to the top fork of the backbone and used metal screws to attach the other end . This was to attach the front derailer at the right angle to function properly. VOILA !!! 9-speed tallbike !!!!! The front fork is from a road bike and carries a cast aluminum scooter wheel. The front "horns" were good for carrying wheels or frames. I once rode it to the Goodwill bins ( Springwater Trail ) bought 3 full size mountain bikes,disassmbled them,hung the parts on the Train and rode it home !!!!! I know what it's like to ride 5 bikes at once !!!! This bike is the one the "Monkey Tail" was made for ( ended up on the "Eyecatcha".This thing was one tough hombre,I also once took $40 worth of beer bottles to return to the store for deposit money,WITHOUT A TRAILER !!!!!!!! Anyway that was a kind of difficult time in my life,and the old train just reminded me of some sad stuff. So one morning I made the sign you see in the pics and rode the train down to Citybikes hoping it would find a new owner to enjoy it. I hope it didn't get scrapped,it was a pretty good workhorse.

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