Thursday, January 7, 2010

THE LIME TRUCK !!!! In-Line Articulated Cargo Trike !!!!!!

It's a cargo haulin' TRYKIPEDE,that's what it is !!!!!!!!

WOW !!! What a difference a little paint can make !!! Since the last post I added a trailer hitch. That's that triangle thingy on the back,it's made out of pieces of a rear frame triangle and a large flange road bike hub. It works great,already made a few grocery runs with it !! I also replaced that doofey bungey cord with that nice little rubber strap you see in the middle there.It works great too,and looks a lot better. I added a chainguard just before painting,adds a little more style and personality and it's a functional piece too.This thing has about the same riding position as my stretch cruiser Greenbean,it just FEELS cool to ride on it .I think this trike is AWESOME !!!!! It's FOR SALE !!!!! How about it Portlanders,gimme a HUNDRED BUCKS and take this sweet trikey home witcha' !!!!!! Remember it ain't a kiddy bike NO MORE !!!!! I'm 5'9"-210 lbs. and it fits me perfect. Interested ??? E-mail me at or call 503-232-1131 to set up a time to check it out. Prices go back up in the spring and summer so come an' git it NOWSVILLE !!!!! I'm putting the finishing touches on the tandem trykipede,you'll get to see it later on this month. By the way,Godzilla is a good buddy of mine,and if anybody tries to steal the name TRYKIPEDE I'll send him to your house and he will eat you like a breakfast burrito !!!!!!!


  1. arty the art dog7/1/10 16:59

    ART.....ART-ART-ART !!!!!!!

  2. This bike IS a work of art..!!