Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Great prices on some fantastic,unique bikes and trikes !!!!! These are well built,well engineered,arty,great riding FUN creations !!! The Tallbikes have 16" front and 24" rear wheels with coaster brakes. They are much easier to ride than most of their type AND prettier too !!! The Lime Truck "Trykipede" has a 20" front and 16" center and rear wheels,it's coaster brake equipped too. They're NOT built for speed !! Slow and easy cruisin' is what they're all about. The Lime Truck is $100,The Olive tallbike is $120,The red tallbike is $140. Prices will go up in spring and summer so come and get 'um NOW !!! E-mail me at or call 503-232-1131 to set up a time and day to come and see them . You won't find anything else like them anywhere else. My stuff is great,but find out for youself !!!

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