Friday, January 22, 2010


The BIGGY RAT 5-speed chopper is finished and FOR SALE for $100 !!!! I was checking out the website and I really liked the look of a lot of their work,especially the choppers made from old stepthrough type frames. There is a tremendous amount of bikes on their site,check it out ,a lot of great ideas there. I decided to do my own scul type chopper,it has a frame from an old french 10-speed. A 36 spoke 16" front wheel.A 26" aluminum rear wheel w/5-gear freewheel.A nice Shimano derailer that is operated by a stick-shift mounted between the handlebars (friction type).A nifty spring loaded "anti-flop" device (keeps the handlebars/fork from flopping over when parked,etc.). Dual brakes on the rear that work well even when it's rainin'!!!!An extended kickstand,medium hi-rise bars,a banana seat,and sissy bar.This chop rides great,steers well and is quite comfy too !!!! If you're interested E-mail me at or call 503-232-1131 to set up a time and day to come try it out.

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