Friday, August 21, 2009

The Schwuffman X-18!!!!!!!

This rolling wonder is the Schwuffman X-18, the latest in tallbike, cargobike,artbike ,freakbike,hacker technology!!! It was made out of a buzzilion cast off bikes. The main pieces were Schwinn and Huffy ( Huffman mfg. ),combine the 2 and you get Schwuffman. It has a semi-X frame and 18-speeds (most slow!!), so.....X-18!!!!! The cargo basket is made out of 4 pairs of 3-speed roadster bars ,2 pairs of short rise mtb bars,and 2 pairs of straight mtb bars,pieces of forks and a whole bunch of other stuff from the scrap pile. It's heavy but is geared low to compensate.It was a joy to build and to ride,I sold it to a great guy named Sam, he's taking real good care of it for me!!

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  1. This bike reminds me of my trip to Amsterdam when I saw all the Long John cargo bicycle . This bikes nick name should be Tall John. grate bike