Friday, August 21, 2009

The Sneetchcycle!!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen this is it,the amaaaaazing Sneetchcycle!!!!!!!! Kimpo the Klowns favorite 2-wheeler!! This little (?) sneetcher is made from a 12" kiddie bike. It has 170 mm cranks,a 52-tooth chainwheel,a Shimano 3-speed rear hub wth a 14-tooth sprocket,and front and rear hand brakes! It also has a little plastic "squeak " horn and a goofy little thingy that plays a circussy little tune when you push it's button. Can you say Clown Cycle boys and girls?? I think you can!!!!!!!! oh yessss!!!! The rear wheel has 36 multiple length spokes installed in a random fashion. I'm sure the sight of that would make those wheel builder types cringe,but it works!! I'm 215 lbs. and it's taken everything I could dish out for years!! Hacker Tech Rules!!!!!!! Don't be afraid to do something different because it just might work!!!!!!!!!! This little booger rides kind of weird, but you get the hang of it after a while. It trys to "torque steer " because of the super short wheelbase and the long crank arms. You can actually get going pretty fast and not just downhill either!! You can turn super tight circles like a Swingcycle. The X-tra long handlebar stem is made from an MTB stem, the bottom downtube of a Huffy girls banana seat 20" bike and a reversed road bike stem. Kind of looks like the outline of the front of a Sneetch doesn" it?

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