Saturday, May 1, 2010

MINI 5-SPEED STEERINGWHEEL TALLBIKE FOR SALE !!! $120 for a 20"x12" bolt together WONDER bike !!!!

YUP !!! Another totally unique Omahgarsh creation. 20" BMX bottom frame,18" BMX large tube top frame with the top bar removed for easier mounting/dismounting. This bike was made specifically for smaller riders,say 5' 2" to 5' 8" . The steering wheel is adjustable,for both angle and height. The seat can be adjusted DOWN a whole lot from what you see in the pics here. The 5-speed derailer setup really works great,something you rarely see on any tallbikes but mine.It,s direct drive, like it should be, not a compromised 2 chain setup. Those are 6 1/2 " cranks and a 50 tooth chainwheel, you can get this little booger going pretty fast if you should choose to !!!! A great ride for only $120 !!! If you are one of the doubters of my designs or just bolt together tallbikes in general,come by and ride THIS one ,it will change your mind GUARANTEED !!!!! 503-232-1131,e-mail

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