Thursday, October 29, 2009

BICYCLE STEERING WHEELS!!!! How to build 'em !!!!!!!

Please read my previous post on bicycle steering wheels before starting this build. Okay,here goes!!!!!!!! STEP ONE-Find a handlebar stem that fits your bike.Just about anything will do,use one that you might not use otherwise. STEP TWO-Get a pair of handlebars from a cheapo BMX that are compatible with the stem you chose. STEP THREE-Mount bars and stem on bike. STEP FOUR-Cut the handlebars off just below the crossbar. STEP FIVE-Find some tubing that fits over the bar stubs.It doesn't have to be all that snug a fit,close IS good enough!!!!! Frame tubing is good,I used the leg from a display rack on this one. STEP SIX-Now get a 20" rim and check where you want it to be height wise.Mark and cut the tubing to suit. STEP SEVEN-Mark your tubing pieces 1 1/2" from one end and hammer them flat up to that mark. STEP EIGHT-Using a 1/4" drillbit,drill two holes near the end of the flattened section. STEP NINE-Put the flattened ends of both tubing pieces in a vise together.Bend them by pulling them toward you until they are at approximately a 45 degree angle.Test fit them on the bars. The flat sections should be straight up.If not adjust them until they are. STEP TEN-Coat the bar stubs and the inside of the tubing pieces with silicone and push the tubing onto the bars evenly as far down as they will go. STEP ELEVEN-Test fit your rim on the tubing pieces,you may have to bend the bars (inward or outward) to get a good fit.You must also rotate the flat surfaces of the tubing to fit the flat surfaces of the rim. STEP TWELVE-Find 4 sets of bolts,nuts,and washers to attach the rim.I use the studs from old brake pads.Just pull them apart with pliers and the studs fall out.I use only the ones with the oval heads.They are the right length for this job and you can also use the washers and acorn nuts that come with them.You can use whatever fasteners you like,I do this in the interest of recycling. STEP THIRTEEN-Test fit the rim on the tubing stubs with the valve stem hole towards the front wheel or towards the seat.Find the nearest spoke hole in the rim by the holes in the tubing.Using a 1/4" drillbit,drill out the spoke hole and install one stud,washer,and nut.Hand tighten. STEP FOURTEEN-Line up the rim on the other side,drill another hole and mount another stud.Make sure everything is even and drill the other 2 holes and install the other two studs.Tighten them all down making sure that everything is lined up and even. STEP FIFTEEN-Now remove all the studs and put silicone on all the mating surfaces and re-assemble.The silicone is used to make sure there are no pops and clicks when riding with the finished wheel. STEP SIXTEEN-Adjust the whole assembly so that the rim is at the same angle as the top surface of the head tube of the frame.If you don't do this it will feel strange while riding.It will lift up AND go down while turning,NOT GOOD!!! STEP SEVENTEEN-Get the seat post clamp and hardware from an old seat.Place the clamp as shown on the handlebar stem. STEP EIGHTEEN-Cut the rear stays and dropouts off an old frame as shown. STEP NINETEEN-Test fit the stays on wheel as shown. STEP TWENTY-Spread stays apart as shown.Cut off excess material if necessary. STEP TWENTY ONE-Mark stays directly across from where they touch the rim. STEP TWENTY TWO-Remove stays and mark one inch from the top.Holding the stays with the marks you made straight up,hammer the ends flat up to the one inch mark. STEP TWENTY THREE-Drill 1/4" holes near the end of the flattened area. Remount stays. STEP TWENTY FOUR-Position stays evenly where you want them,drill 1/4" holes in rim. STEP TWENTY FIVE-Repeat earlier steps,using the same fasteners and silicone.Tighten everything down. STEP TWENTY SIX-Drill 1/4" holes at the bottom end of the tubing pieces,all the way through both sides. STEP TWENTY SEVEN-Find some bolts,nuts,and washers to fit these holes. I used some brake studs from some old horse shoe type brakes with one side cut off. Install the hardware and tighten it down. STEP TWENTY EIGHT- Recheck all fasteners to make sure they're tight,cut off the extra length on the seat post clamp stud (both sides) and file down any sharp edges where the metal was cut. STEP TWENTY NINE-Install your rim liner,tire and tube and take it out on a test ride!!!!!!!!!!! Make any final adjustments,sand it all down and paint it (if ya want to that is!!!). Now go ride off into the sunset and enjoy the custom steering wheel you just made!!!!!!!!!! Any comments,criticisms (positive or negative) please e-mail me at I would love to hear what you have to say!!!!

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