Thursday, October 1, 2009


Yessireebob!!! Added a few things on the old Scuuzzmeister,thought I'd share with you guys. The obvious one is the steering wheel,I've been putting these on my tallbikes for a few years now so I thought I'd try it out on a cruiser.MAN DOES IT WORK GREAT!!!!!! I hate being hunched over when I'm riding,it just isn't comfortable to me. Plus it always seems like the handlebars are in the way when I'm trying to turn AND pedal at the same time. The steering wheel fixes both problems!!!! You have an upright riding position like a "comfort" bike AND NO INTERFERENCE with the legmotors!!!! It's made from an oddball integrated bar/stem set I got from a 16" BMX,2 pieces of tubing from a store display rack,a 20" chrome rim,and an ugly old 20" whitewall tire. I also added 3/4 ths of a chrome dropdown handlebar set as a brace. Then tied it in with part of a small chainwheel from a kiddie bike. I added a plastic finger (a novelty wall coat hanger ),and an artificial "booger" made of hot glue,silicone and paint!!! MR.YUCK would LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Next on the list is an old single D cell horn with '50's style fins and about 1/3rd of the chrome rusted off. The horn button is on top of the curly handlebar brace.The wires are run under the fender,through the fork,through a hole in the "widgey" and out through the top of the stem near the allen head stem bolt.The wires then go back into the h-bar brace and come out by the horn button!! TWICKY!!!!!!! The horn sounds kinda sick half the time and annoying the rest of the time,PERFECT FIT FOR THE THEME OF THIS WHOLE MESS!! Next is a rusty old package rack on the back.I wanted to use one of the old stamped steel ones but I couldn't find one that was crappy enough!! Oh well...I guess I'll just keep looking.I ground off all the chrome on the steering wheel and the rack to make sure that the rust gets goin' REAL GOOD!!!!! I'm gonna leave him outside all winter too!! Notice the cool old rusty wrench between the rack and the fender? I found it on the free table in our apartment building. I just HAD to put it on old SCUZZ!!! How about that super high tech kickstand extension!! Seems like those old Schwinn kickstands are always too short!! BY GOD I'LL FIX DAT!!!!! Makes me proud to be a HACKER!! Goes well with the rusty chain and padlock too.I love this bike,a lot of other people do to!! It seems to attract a lot of attention wherever I ride it. Some people ask me if I'm going to clean it up and paint it!! I just say yes with a straight face,while I chuckle inside!! Some folks just can't grasp the idea that I WANT IT TO BE UGLY!!! One guy said "Your bike needs a lotta work". I just agreed and rode on> Any questions,comments ( positive or negative ) please e-mail me at I'd love to hear what you have to say!!

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  1. Scuzz Brudder you Rock!

    I love the boogie on the finner! Yer Dad would be very proud of you son.

    You should take it over for show and tell.........On the look out for cool parts for ya.