Thursday, October 1, 2009

BICYCLE STEERING WHEELS!!!!!! For tallbikes/freakbikes...AND????

Yeah they ARE kinda freaky and goofy lookin' but HEY this IS a freakbike blog isn't it??!! Truth be told these weird lookin' thingamabobs work really well!! I have been putting them on my tallbikes for years and I just LOVE THEM!! You don't need a welder or any special parts to make one either ( extra bonus points there!! ),they can be made out of stuff YOU mighta' been thinkin' about throwin' away!!! FOR SHAME, FOR SHAME!!!!!!!!! This is my absolute FAV-O-RIGHT THING!! Looks wierd-Works great-costs nuthin"-easy to do.The ULTIMATE RECIPE!!!! I make mine out of: #1-the bottom half of a pair of 16" or 20" BMX handlebars,w/ standard or 4-bolt stem #2-2 pieces of tubing ( bike frame scraps or misc. furniture legs ) #3 a 20" bike rim ( steel or aluminum ) preferably a damaged one.( recycling remember!!!!! ) #4-6 bolts taken out of old worn out brake pads( MORE recyclin") #5-a seat post clamp and hardware (from the seat NOT the frame ) #6-a pair of dropouts w/attached pair of chainstays #7-2 long bolts w/nuts to attach the tubing to the BMX bar chunks. #8- an old 20" tire and tube ( don't throw away those old baldies!!!!! ).YES, it's just that easy!! ALL of the bikes I used these on were 1-speed coaster brake equipped,but I will figure out how to do one with hand brakes and shifters too.Another post another day. I saw a really cool black tandem tallbike with a car steering wheel that had Schwinn 10-speed shifters mounted in the middle and bike brake levers too,AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I have also tried one on my crusty old cruiser "SCUZZO" with x-zullent rezults!! It works well on the cruiser for the same reasons it works well on the tallbikes. You don't have to hunch over ( I HATE DAT!!! ),AND it doesn't interfere with your legs when pedalin' and manoooverin'!! VERY IMPORTANT ON A TALL BIKE!!!!!!! MOVEMENT IS YOUR FRIEND AND ANYTHING THAT RESTRICTS YOUR MOVEMENT IS BAAAAAAADDD!!!!!!! I have also seen articles on the net about small steering wheels for bike polo. These give you a variety of positions to place your hands for greater control, sounds like an equipment advantage to me!! Also much safer too, ya don't get gored with the end of the handlebar,OUCH!!!!!! STRONG AND SMART!!! A nice combo!!!!!! Anyhoo I,ll be doing a step by step how to ( W/ pitchurz ) later on this month so stay tuned to this BAT CHANNEL!!!!!!!!! Any questions or comments ( positive or negative ) please e-mail me at I'd love to hear what you have to say!!

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  1. Anonymous5/10/09 11:50

    Hi Uncle Bob! This is Jessica. Awesome bikes! I am now a follower of your blog. :)