Saturday, November 21, 2009

EYECATCHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The one that started the bolt together revolution !!!!!!!!!!!

This is the EYECATCHA,this bike is the first of my bolt together steering wheel tallbikes that uses all the tricks I learned from my earlier attempts. Although it is kind of wild looking it is a very solid easily rideable machine. This bike is made from bike parts that other folks TRIED to throw away !! Huffy mountain bike frames,wheels + tires from cheapo MTBs and BMXs,handlebars,frame scraps,etc.,etc. It uses a 1-speed coaster brake rear hub w/26" rim + tire,it's geared low for slow cruisin' and E-Z take offs !!! The MONKEY TAIL was made from a cut off handlebar stem and dropdown bar chunks and some more frame scraps,it looks comical but is actually a useful gadget !! The EYEBALL is made from an old Schwinn generator taillight housing,a plastic green bloodshot eyeball from my goofy toys junkbox,and the eyelash is cut from a beer can.Check out that crazy cool offset kickstand mount ( if you want to keep yer tallbike upright when parked,there's no better way to go !!! ). I sold this bike a while back and I miss it. Oh well, I can always just build a clone if I feel like it because the individual parts are pretty common.Check out my previous posts for more about this and similar tallbikes. If you want to buy one OR build one,this is the place to come !!!!

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