Thursday, December 17, 2009

SURF WOODY PROJECT UPDATE !!!!!! Let the RRRRUST begin !!!!!!

It's been raining quite a bit here in Portland,Oregon so I put Old Surfy outside for a shower !! I spray it down with vinegar every once in a while to jump start the "Rustomization" process. Things are startin' to get real ugly real fast !!!I love the look of the dirty white parts against the rusty metal. It makes it look ugly and dangerous,AND because of the vinegar, It STINKS TOO !!!! A FABULOUS combination for a FREAKBIKE !!!!!! I replaced the bungy cord on the "steering wheel center return device" with a black rubber version, a converted cable stop clamp,and some white electrical tape,pretty SNAZZY huh ??!!!! The keen circular chainguard is plastic and from a kiddie bike. I like to use these whenever possible for 2 reasons. #1- They look cool, #2- They are MUCH SAFER than any other type of chainguard for a tallbike,you DO NOT want to get your clothing or shoelaces caught in the chain on this type of bike!! On a regular bike you can just stop and free yourself,with a tallbike you don't have this option, YER GONNA CRASH !!!!! I also added a pair of my wheeldiscs to spice things up a bit,I like the severe contrast of the bright colors against the rust and white. Another thing I like about using white parts on a RUST bike is that the rust bleeds onto the white.It's disgustingly cool,I LOVE IT !!!!! YUCK-O-LICIOUS !!!!!!!!!


  1. Nice one daddy-o, You rock!!

  2. Bleach also works well as a cheap way to encourage rust. It actually works much faster than vinegar, too. Although it's not as healthy to spray bleach all over the place, I definitely prefer it to vinegar. If you want to go with the most earth-friendly and free way to encourage rust, urine works, too.