Wednesday, December 9, 2009


WHOA NELLIE !!!!!! THROW ON THEM BRAKES !!!!!!!! In this post I will be showing you how to mount brake levers on your steering wheel and how to put dual brakes on your rear wheel. I use the old style horse shoe shaped brakes because they are the easiest to adapt to odd applications such as this. STEP ONE- Get a pair of brake levers as shown,these are the type found on low buck 3-speeds and mountain bikes. Remove the h-bar clamps and flatten out the mounting brackets as shown. STEP TWO- With the tire of your steering wheel still in place,sit on the bike and determine where you want your levers to be. Mark the spot on the rim closest to the mounting brackets on the levers. Remove the tire and tube. STEP THREE- Get a length of 1/8"x 1" steel flat stock,cut two 5" pieces. Make a mark 2" from the end of each piece. Put them both in a vice and bend them 90 degrees. Holding the L-bracket up to the mark on the rim with the short side up,mark 2 spots where the bracket touches the inner face of the rim ( where the spoke holes are ). Using a 1/4" drillbit,drill out the 2 spots. Now hold the L-bracket in place on the rim and using the holes in the bracket as a guide,drill through the rim. Bolt the bracket down. STEP FOUR-Using the same drillbit,drill a hole through the bottom of the L-bracket where it touches the outer edge of the rim,AND drill through the rim.Now bolt the inner side of the brake lever bracket in place with the head of the bolt on the inside of the rim.Drill another hole through the L-bracket at the hole in the brake lever bracket and bolt it down. STEP FIVE- Mark the excess material on each end of the L-bracket and disassemble it. Cut off the excess and smooth off the edges,then re-assemble. I cut a couple of pieces of an old handlegrip and hot glued them onto the exsposed tops of the L-brackets so they wouldn"t damage the tire when inflated. Put the rim liner,tube,and tire back on and re-inflate. STEP SIX-Mount 1 of your brakes in the original location on the frame.Notice that BOTH brakes are mounted on the BOTTOM frame !! STEP SEVEN-For the other rear brake I used the remaing portion of the HUFFY kick stand bracket and drilled a 1/4" hole through it to mount to. You might have to get creative here if there is nothing there to work with. An oddball but SUREFIRE solution is to cut the tubular brake mount section from another frame and attach it with small automotive hose clamps !!!! This might seem kind of screwy,but I have done it many times and it always works !!!!! It's adjustable too !!! Just leave a couple of inches on each side if the brake mounting tube and put on those hose clamps !! Check the illustration. STEP EIGHT- Now you can install your cables, I usually drill holes in the frame where possible,and run them through there to keep everything a little cleaner. You'll have to decide for yourself just how you want to do this part.You will probably have to use the long TANDEM type brake cables for 1 or both of the brakes. It's a LONG WAYS from the steering wheel to that bottom brake !!! OKAY!! Now just do the usual adjusting and take it out on a test run !!!!! I have been having FUN riding my 3-speed version,hope you like how yours is coming along. PART-G will deal wth the beginnings of the cargo platform,this is where things start to get REALLY INTERESTING !!!!! Any questions,comments,criticisms ( positive or negative ),Please E-mail me at I'd love to hear what you have to say!!!!!!!!

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