Tuesday, December 22, 2009


In part G I will be showing you how to make a neato and very useful cargo platform. I have made similar platforms in the past but they only went from the front of the rear wheel towards the front of the bike,this one surrounds the entire bike. This is really simple to make but it might challenge your scrap hunting skills just a tad !!!! STEP ONE- You wiil need to find a handlebar stem that fits up into the seat tube of the bottom frame. I am using a short necked stem from a kiddie bike with a 22.2 stem. You may have to make a split tubing spacer if your seat tube is larger than 22.2. STEP TWO- Grab a rusty old rim from a 26" mountain bike wheel and cut it in half. These will be the front and the rear of your cargo platform hoop. This is one of those times where you can use damaged or crappy parts. RE-CYCLIN' ROCKS !!!!!!!!!! STEP THREE- Now take the rim halves and position them on the ground where YOU think they should go. Make a measurement between the front and rear halves and add 3" . This is the total length your side bars will be. STEP FOUR- Now you will have to scavenge up some scrap tubing to span that length. I used 3 hunks on each side put together telescope style. Some frame tubes,a couple display rack legs,just use whatever you can get your hands on as long as its not super thin wall wimpy stuff,GET THE PICTURE ??!!. STEP FIVE- Measure 1 1/2 " from each end of your side bars and flatten them down to that mark with a hammer. I use a mini sledge for this, a hackers friend to be sure !!! STEP SIX- Take your rim halves and using 2 pairs of channel lock pliers,bend the rim sides open until the flattened ends of the side bar tubes will fit flush against the inside surface of the rim. STEP SEVEN- Using a 1/4" drillbit, drill 2 holes in the end of each rim half AND the ends of both side bar as shown. Bolt them together. STEP EIGHT- Now lay the hoop on a concrete floor and using a mini sledge, hammer the rim edges back to their original shape. O-TAY, yer hoop is DONE !!!! STEP NINE-Now you need to find another piece of tubing that fits into the clamp part of your h-bar stem and 2 90 degree bends that fit inside OR outside of that tube. I used an old table leg with a 90 degree bend on one end and a 90 degree hunk of handle bar tubing. You're making the piece that connects the sides of the hoop with the h-bar stem in the center of the frame. STEP TEN-Assemble the center tubing pieces into the h-bar stem and hold the hoop in place to mark where your bolts will go. Remove the center piece ( w/the h-bar stem attached ),drill out the holes ( 2 on each side as shown ) and bolt it all together . YER DONE,for now that is !!! PART H we will be making " Bumper overriders for each end of the platform hoop,STAY TUNED !!!!!!!!!

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