Thursday, September 3, 2009

BICYCLE/FREAKBIKE WHEEL DISCS!!! super neato fun things!!!!

I love WHEEL DISCS!!!!!!!! They are fun to make and it helps me to satisfy my artsy side! When I used to build custom cars one of the most important things you do to make them look good and set them apart from the rest is to add a purty set of wheels. I had seen wheel covers on racing bicycles and thought that I could do my own low tech, no bucks version using scrounged recyclables. Sure enough they turned out great and didn't cost a dime!! I make them out of cardboard and cut up pieces of sign tape, there's a place near where I live that prints up bumper stickers,band stickers,etc. and I snag the scraps/mistakes out of their dumpster. I cut out holes and different patterns because it looks cool AND because the openings make keen spinning shadows on the road beside you when you're riding on a sunny day!! I will show you how I make mine on the next episode of " As the Freakbike Turns " Any questions,comments,criticisms, ( positive or negative ) E-mail me at -I'd really like to hear what you have to say!!!!!!!!


  1. Chloe Jade30/9/09 17:21

    WOW,that's wheely kool gwampa!!!!!!!!!

  2. riley dean24/11/09 11:49

    When I get BIG I wanna be a freakbike artist just like my grampoppy !!!!!!!!