Thursday, September 3, 2009

Meet SCUZZO!! a rusty, crusty old gentleman with a lotta' soul!!

This is SCUZZO, he is a rusty old bicycle with a heart of gold! His frame is a 50's Schwinn Deluxe that I found partially buried in the ground under an old compost pile 24 years ago. It is badly rusted and has deep pits all over it but you can still see all of the red accents and pinstriping!! He may have been a Black Phantom,has the same sort of paint layout. I decided to bring him back to life when I found a set of rusty chrome cruiser wheels complete with a useable but scungy set of fat whitewalls.The fender set is from another old bomber, no idea what brand, but they are deliciously crusty and you can see the striping on them too. I like the look of the ripped up hunks of reflector tape and I added the broken vintage reflector,perfect match!! The fender braces are also twisted up and rusty and have several coats of different color paint. I put on a cool old vintagey 3-spring seat with plenty of rust and naturally screwed up,chewed up upholstery!! Let's see....oh yeah! I added some ugly old cruiser bars,a pair of thoroughly disgusting white (?) grips, a bent, rusty chainguard, some equally grungy running gear pieces and VOILA!!!!!-Scuzzo is born again!!!!!!!! God bless him!! I love this sort of build!! I mean why NOT do just the opposite of what most folks do? Instead of making it as PURTY as you can why not make it as UUUGLY as possible!! Old Scuzzo looks like crap but he rides great!! Not at all what one would expect. I plan to do a tall bike like this,make it so twisted and rusty that people will be afraid to get too close to it!!! Strip off most or all of the paint and leave it outside every winter just too see how ugly things can get!! Try it yourself, build your OWN Scuzzo!! Start today!! UGLY CAN BE BEAUTEEFUL!!!!!!!!!!! AND DON'T THROW AWAY ALL THOSE OLD BENT, RUSTY, AND UGLY OLD PARTS- MAKE SUMTHIN' SCARY SCUZZY AND COOL OUT OF THEM!!!!!!!!! THEN RIDE THAT FRANKENSTEIN ON DOWN THE ROAD!!!!!!!!! Any questions,comments,criticisms, ( positive or negative ) -E-mail me at -I'd love to hear what you have to say!!!!!!!

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