Saturday, June 26, 2010

Silverton Freakbike Class- We's all done and had tons'o' fun !!!!

It was a lot more work than I anticipated but everything turned out GREAT !!!! Andrew,Cayman,Colton,Dustin,and Wyatt are ALL great guys and it was a pleasure working with them. I think I learned more from them than they learned from me !! I'm missing a few pictures,but I'm workin' on getting them soon.3 choppers ,2 steering wheel tallbikes,and a whatchamacallit ( Coltons 26x16 wonder!! ) in 5 days !!! The Avocado tallbike (Holy Guacamole ) is the one that will be raffled off at the Silverton Art Festival in August,git yer ticket(s) !!!!! We might be doing this again in August so stay tuned !!!

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  1. it's awesome to see kids doing something besides playing video games or sleeping.Good job to you and you builders